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About Nathan Miller

I’m Nathan Miller, a portrait & wildlife painter who recently moved from Nosara, Costa Rica to St. Petersburg, Florida.

Since I was young, I enjoyed drawing and painting. When I wasn’t drawing dragons and animals, I could be found sketching out ideas with social messages. My art was a blend of doodles, dragons, animals, people, and illustrations that expressed concerns about issues confronting humanity.

When I was fifteen, I moved to Israel and attended the American International School. During those years I had fallen in love with acrylic painting and sculpting with clay. Nearly everything I painted and sculpted was inspired by my travels to Kenya and Uganda. Africa impacted me in ways that would not be matched until I moved to Costa Rica years later.

When I was eighteen, I moved back to the United States and majored in graphic design at the University of Florida. And while I entertained the idea of becoming a painting major, my interest in Graphic Design prevailed.

Graphic design would lead me to web design, and after working as a web designer in Houston, Texas for five years, I chose to move to Nosara, Costa Rica. I wanted to surf, hear the sounds of the jungle, and be inspired to paint again. I envisioned what life might be like as an artist living in such a beautiful place. I believed that, however long and difficult the journey, I was meant to be a painter. And so, I spent five years developing my art full time from the small beach town of Nosara, Costa Rica.

After five years, I decided it was time to move back to the United States to take my art to the next level. I chose to make Saint Petersburg, Florida my home base. St. Pete has a vibrant art scene, and that’s exactly what I have been missing. My art can still be found at the Hidden Garden Gallery in Liberia, Costa Rica, and prints of my work are still available throughout the country. Today, however, I am looking forward to seeing what this next chapter in my art career has up its sleeve.

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