The official online gallery of portrait and wildlife artist, Nathan Miller

About Nathan Miller

There is nothing like the gift of original artwork. It can last forever and be handed down from generation to generation.

Nathan Miller is an artist who has an incredible devotion to detail and captures the essence of his subject matter, whether it is a portrait of a person, the family dog, beautiful birds or a memorable place.

Nathan’s journey in art began as a child. He enjoyed drawing animals, people, dragons and dinosaurs. He was always known as the artist in the classroom. Taking notes was synonymous with doodling. When he was fifteen years old, he moved to Jerusalem, Israel, because of his father’s work. During his high school years, he traveled to Kenya and Uganda, which would influence his art for years to come.

Midway through his senior year, Nathan returned to the U.S., where he and his family settled in Gainesville, Florida. After finishing his final semester at Buchholz High School, he enrolled at the University of Florida where he received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design. After graduating, he accepted a Web Design position in Houston, Texas. He enjoyed life as a young professional in a large city with many other young professionals. His circle of friends grew and life was characterized by social outings, relationships, community activities, and financial stability. But, after five years, he chose to pursue another path.

Nathan felt as though a part of him was being neglected. Although he felt at home in the city and enjoyed his work environment, he knew he had to paint. Web Design was a job, but painting was a passion. And because he enjoyed surfing and exploring the outdoors, Costa Rica called him. He sold his belongings, stocked up on art supplies, and began the next chapter in his life.

For the next five years, Nathan dove into his art from the small town of Nosara, Costa Rica. He left Graphic Design and did everything he could to learn, grow, and evolve as an artist. The lifestyle was more laid back. It was exactly what he needed to focus on his work. It wasn’t long before Nathan became known throughout Costa Rica. He won first place in a national art contest and then became one of the most prominent artists featured at the Hidden Garden Gallery in Liberia, Costa Rica. He built a business specializing in giclée prints on stretched canvas, and eventually spent most of his time focused on commissioned paintings of wildlife and portraiture.

In order to be immersed in a culture of art and to take his work to the next level, Nathan chose to return to the United States, where he now resides in St. Petersburg, Florida. St. Pete is a city becoming increasingly popular for its vibrant and growing art scene. Nathan specializes in high-end realism, often depicting nature scenes and portraiture. His ability to paint diverse themes in exact detail, while capturing the essence of his subject matter, is what makes him a perfect candidate for commissioned paintings.

Since Nathan moved back to the U.S., he has developed a new body of work featuring Florida wildlife and portraiture. He can be reached by phone at 813-452-8963 or by email at For more information follow him on Facebook at or Instagram @nathanmillerfineart.