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A Visual Story of a Visual Artist

The Visual Story of a Visual Artist by Nathan Miller

Hello! If you’re reading this, thank you for visiting my blog! I’d like to share with you a little about myself and my work, and invite you to check out my online store. It’s brand new so I’m a little excited about it. 🙂

I’m originally from Tampa, FL, but most recently I spent five years in Nosara, Costa Rica, a small beach town known for monkeys, surfing and yoga. It was where I became a professional artist. Here are some photos I took while living in that beautiful place.

I don’t know who this paddle boarder is, but he gave me a great shot!

Paddle Board Sunset

The sunsets were stunning.

Nosara Sunset

My neighbors were howler monkeys.

Noble Howler Monkey

Some of the world’s most beautiful wild animals lived nearby.

Jaguar Eyes

And my dog, Indy, really enjoyed living there.

Sleeping Dog

The entire experience influenced my art.

During the years I spent in Nosara, I painted the wildlife. I painted the people. I was inspired by the natural habitat. It was the right environment for me to grow as an artist. Here are some of the paintings I did during those years…

The Circle of Life

Circle of Life - Art by Nathan Miller

Surf Report

Surf Report - Baltimore Oriole Art by Nathan Miller

Tropical Birds

Tropical Birds

And then it was time to move.

Earlier this year I made the move back to my home state of Florida. I thought it was time to be closer to my family, take my art to the next level, and pursue a relationship with the woman featured in the painting below. Unfortunately, she and I eventually went our separate ways, but the art will last forever. Below, you can see the piece she inspired as well as a few others I’ve done since returning.

Portrait of a Young Woman

Portrait of a Young Woman - Art by Nathan Miller

Birds Watching

Birds Watching - Art by Nathan Miller


Eventide - A Sandhill Crane painting by Nathan Miller

Keeping Watch

Sandhill Cranes Painting - Art by Nathan Miller

St. Pete’s Art scene called.

After developing a new body of work from Tampa, FL, I decided to move to St. Petersburg, a city known for its thriving art scene. I found a place to live, set up my studio, and got to work.

A commission I’m currently working on.

Nathan Miller's Art Studio

I also made sure Indy was comfortable in the new space.

Nathan Miller's Art Studio

Of course, she’s comfortable on the couch too.

Indy on the couch

So, here I am, in a new place, with a new studio, and eager to discover new opportunities.

I am looking forward to meeting new people and making new memories. It’s always a little scary to start over in a new place, especially when you have your own business and a community doesn’t yet know who you are. So, I write this blog in hopes of introducing myself. I write this hoping you will share my story, visit my online store, or commission me to paint something for you.

Thank you for reading the entire blog post. I hope you enjoyed it! 🙂

Explore more Blog Posts by Nathan Miller, check out his Portfolio, purchase prints Online, or contact him at 813-452-8963.

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