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Support the Artists!

Support the Artists

Imagine the world without the arts…

Think about it – no paintings, no crafts, no movies, no performances, no music, no literature.

Now, think about this

We always celebrate the artists once they make it big. We can’t get enough of them. And, yet, most suffered to get to where they are. Many were poor for years, working hard year after year, struggling, worrying, trying to make their mark, and being told by society that they were irresponsible takers who should get real jobs. The society that scolds the artists and believes they don’t deserve health care because of their financial situation, is the same society that benefits every single day because of the arts.

When you listen to music, see plays and musicals, read books, visit museums, decorate your home, watch Netflix or America’s Got Talent, try to imagine what the artists went through to make the world more vibrant, more beautiful and more meaningful for all of us.

It’s all about the process

Supporting the arts doesn’t just mean supporting those who have already made it big. It means supporting those who are on their way. The period of development that every artist goes through to perfect his or her skills is a long arduous journey. And while individuals, businesses, communities, and economies benefit because of the arts, the artists who give so much of themselves are often the last to benefit monetarily from their own contributions.

Support the artists

So, please, remember the artists who are diligently working to make it. Consider how public policy impacts those who take this road less traveled. And although you may buy one painting, one book, one album, or one ticket to a show, you will have a hand in every success that artist will experience for the rest of his or her life. Because, without you taking an interest in their journey, and giving that journey fuel, the great artist inside of them, may, God forbid, throw in the towel. Yes, they could get a “real job,” but, personally, I’d rather see them create the masterpiece they were born to create.

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