About Nathan Miller

Nathan Miller

Wildlife and Figurative Artist from Tampa Florida

Nathan Miller, who began painting professionally from Nosara, Costa Rica, is an imaginative realist painter of both wildlife and people. He uses acrylic paints and primarily prefers working with smooth surfaces like gesso board so that every detail is visible. Miller’s work explores elements of design, symmetry, symbolism, and concepts dealing with humanity’s relationship with nature.

Miller believes that humanity has been disconnected from the natural world for far too long. This outer and inner disconnection from nature is causing the world around us to fall apart. While we distract ourselves with our own pursuits, and as we place ourselves above all else, ecosystems disappear. Somehow, we must find a way to reconnect with the natural world, to appreciate the value of wildlife, and to see ourselves as a part of the ecosystem. Even among artists there appears to be a disconnect between wildlife art and figurative art. “Are you a wildlife artist or a figurative artist?” Why not both? Miller finds value in all emotional life, and he enjoys depicting that life in different scenarios. In fact, he’s particularly interested in stories that pertain to both animals and people.

Over the course of his career, Nathan Miller’s work has become significantly more detailed and more complex. When he began this journey, he wasn’t sure what his style would be. He knew he loved to paint, but he really had no idea how his art would evolve. In high school and even into college, his art was more abstract. He was almost always painting angular African figures with flat shapes and patterns. And, according to Nathan, like so many others, he was intimidated by realism. He would draw realistically, but painting was another story. Painting realistically was hard and time consuming. It was simply easier to find shortcuts and paint in ways he thought were unique or different. Even society appeared to appreciate what was different more than what was exceptional. But eventually, the more Nathan immersed himself into his art, and perfected his technique, the more he came to believe that the exceptional was different.

Today, while residing in Tampa, Florida, Miller is working on a series that explores wild animals and indigenous human cultures from around the world. And while this series considers the stories, traditions and challenges that surround wildlife, it also emphasizes the need to protect and coexist with wildlife. This series celebrates both animals in the wild and indigenous cultures. Despite the history of conflict, as human populations increase and wildlife populations decrease, there will need to be a shift toward coexistence.

Nathan Miller hopes that his work can, in some small way, help others value nature, animals, and the impact of imaginative realism in art.


University of Florida – BFA in Graphic Design – 2004


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Jennifer Malin & Marc Dahl Award of Merit for “Kingdom of the Savanna Warrior” – 2024 Gasparilla Festival of the Arts

Award of Excellence – 2023 Downtown Festival and Art Show

Award of Excellence – 2023 Great Gulfcoast Arts Festival

Deloris Covel Best in Fine Art – 2023 Arts Festival of Carrollton

Finalist – AcrylicWorks 10 – The Best of Acrylic Art Competition, 2023 – Presented by Artists Magazine & American Artist

2nd Place for “Forest Dream” – HelvetArt 2023 September Art Contest

Best in Show – 2023 Mayfaire by the Lake Festival of Art

Best in Show – 2023 Art in the Park

Award of Excellence – 2023 Lake Wales Art Festival

Bronze Award for “Legend of the Jaguar Shaman” – 2022 Animal Painting Competition – Global Painting Conclave

Tom & Jan Neilson Best in Show – 2022 The Arts Festival of Carrollton

Second Place – 2022 Artist of the Month Competition – Circle Foundation for the Arts

Honorable Mention for “Forest Dream” – 2022 “May” International Online Exhibition – HelvetArt

Merit Award for “Forest Dream” – 2022 “Figure 3” International Art Competition – Art Show International

Talent Prize for “Kingdom of the Savanna Warrior” – 2021 “Animal 3” International Art Competition – Art Show International

Award of Excellence – 2021 Dunedin Art Harvest

First Place for “Kingdom of the Savanna Warrior” – 2021 Innovative Competition – American Art Awards

Third Place for “Forest Dream” – 2021 Acrylic Human Figure Competition – American Art Awards

Honorable Mention for “Portrait of Vickie” – 2021 2nd Portrait Competition – Art Show International

Honorable Mention for “Kingdom of the Savanna Warrior” – 2021 Create Exhibition – Art Center Manatee

Runner Up for “Voice of Nature” – 2021 “Figurative 2” International Art Competition – Art Show International

Runner Up for “Legend of the Jaguar Shaman” – 2021 Summer Grant Recipient – Art Show International

Runner Up for “Legend of the Jaguar Shaman” – 2021 “Animal 2” International Art Competition – Art Show International

First Place for “Voice of Nature” – 2021 “Spring” International Online Exhibition – HelvetArt

Judges Choice Award for “Where do we go from here?” – 2021 “All Planet Earth” – Contemporary Art Gallery Online

Best in Show for “Legend of the Jaguar Shaman” – 2021 “Into the Wild” Art Exhibition – Fusion Art Gallery

Judges Award | Exceptional Work – 2021 Lake Wales Art Festival

Best in Show – 2020 Fine Arts Festival of Manatee County

Award of Merit – 2019 Dunedin Art Harvest

Award of Excellence – 2019 Manatee Festival of the Arts

Friends of the Museum Award for “Where do we go from here?” – 2019 Gasparilla Festival of the Arts

Best in Show – 2018 Gulfport Art Festival

First Place for “The Edge of Paradise” – 2012 “Art for Trees” (National art contest, Costa Rica) – Fundacion Fundadeico

Professional Artists Affiliations

Society of Animal Artists, Joined July 2023

International Guild of Realism, Joined January 2021

Professional Judging Experience

Artful Harvest Art Competition, Covington, GA, September 2022

Helvet Art International Art Competition, Switzerland, July 2022