A Nosara Vacation

Last week a group of friends from Los Angeles, California came to visit Costa Rica for a Nosara Vacation. Had I not messaged one of them, the only one I remotely knew, a week before their trip, I would not have taken a vacation in my own backyard. I would not have come to know and bond with this group of extraordinary men. But, because I wrote one of them, Justin, an actor and film maker, thanking him for work that he had done, while also mentioning that I lived in Costa Rica, I received a reply to my message informing me that he and his buddies would be vacationing in this country the following week. Continue reading “A Nosara Vacation”

Choosing Art ā€“ Doing What Society Says Not To Do

artist meme

I was eighteen, young and unaware of what the working world would look like, but I was supposed to know exactly what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. Strangely enough, I kind of did know what I wanted to do. Since I was a kid I enjoyed painting. And up until that point I was fortunate enough to travel and spend several inspiring years in Israel where I attended the American International School. Continue reading “Choosing Art ā€“ Doing What Society Says Not To Do”

Some Thoughts After Visiting a Costa Rican Wildlife Refuge

The piercing eyes of the animal above speak to us. These eyes share with us the reality that there is more to this creature than a list of interesting facts about what it likes to eat and where it likes to sleep. These eyes reveal intellect, emotion, thoughts and feelings. This is a jaguarundi, one of the wild cats whose home is at Las Pumas Rescue Center, a Costa Rican Wildlife Refuge.

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A Kid Who Saw a Surfing Movie

Iā€™m not from California. And even though I grew up in Florida as a kid, I was hours away from a surfing beach, and what 13 year old has the freedom to drive a few hours away to go surfing? I was living in the outskirts of Tampa and Endless Summer 2 had just come out ā€“ a surfing movie that, like the first Endless Summer, documents the travels of two surfers that explore the world looking for the best surf spots.
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