Circle of Life - Costa Rican Art by Nathan Miller

The Circle of Life (Sold)

A lot of Costa Rican art depicts wildlife. It’s hard for an artist not to be inspired by the beauty of tropical species. It’s even more inspiring to see them in their natural habitat. They are emotional beings clothed in a natural tapestry of color, patterns, and designs. The animals depicted in this piece are among the most celebrated species in Costa Rica.

I think of the circle of life as being a healthy and natural balance, where each animal is given the opportunity to live, give birth, and die free. Our behavior as a species, however, has been at odds with this natural balance. We are destroying the natural world rather than facilitating a circle of life. I saw wildlife in its natural setting while living in Costa Rica. It helped me understand why birds should not be caged, why land should be protected, and why more abundant wildlife creates a more beautiful and awe-inspiring world. More important than the beauty of wildlife, however, is the understanding that there are emotions behind those eyes.

No species should ever fall outside the circle of life.

48″ x 36″ Acrylic on Canvas

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