This piece is one that means a lot to me. I am from Florida which is naturally lush and beautiful. But Florida is constantly being bombarded with deforestation. The natural ecosystem needs to be protected, but, instead, officials and developers are intent on destroying it. Among the species impacted by the elimination of our ecosystem are the black bears. Rather than protecting them we have officials calling to hunt them.

This environmental art piece depicts the clearing of natural habitat, with a reflection of what once was. It includes species like the Florida Panther, Red Wolf and Flamingo, which, at one time, made this their home. Today, the Red Wolf is near extiction, with only a small number left in North Carolina. The Florida Panther numbers around 200, and the Flamingo is rarely seen. If we don’t protect what’s left, the Florida Black Bear, among the most intelligent land animals in the world, along with many other species, will be threatened with extinction.

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11" x 14" Image on 16" x 20" Paper Print, 18" x 24" Stretched Canvas Print, Original 36" x 48" Acrylic on Canvas


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