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I’ve been seeing Sandhill Cranes since returning to the state of Florida. I’m fascinated by them and how comfortable they are with people. The inspiration for this piece came when I found a family of cranes living alongside a pond close to my family’s home. On a number of occasions, during sunset, I sat near the water and watched them make their way around the pond and return to the same spot every night. They were so peaceful. They moved with grace. I felt as though we could learn something from them. And that’s when I got the idea to paint Eventide.

In this piece, a young woman sits in the sand, accompanied by Sandhill Cranes. But rather than meeting by a pond, they meet at the beach. Perhaps this is because when I lived by the beach in Nosara, Costa Rica, I felt the same sense of peace while watching the sunset there. This painting is about communing with nature. It’s about a conversation we should all have with the natural world. It’s about appreciating the peace and calm that we can learn from other species who share this planet with us. The young woman sits by the tide in the evening, hence the name, Eventide.

40″ x 30″ Acrylic on Canvas


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