The Tale of Waghoba - Art by Nathan Miller

The Tale of Waghoba (Sold)

India is full of cultural significance and stunning wildlife. The growing population, however, has cut deep into the natural ecosystem. For large animals like the Bengal Tiger or the Indian Leopard, this encroachments has created more opportunities for conflict. But, rather than continuing the process of destruction, there are those who call for co-existence. The deity of Waghoba, one which represents big cats, particularly tigers or leopards, has been around for centuries. Those who venerate Waghoba, believe in co-existence. Not only do they believe that Waghoba must be respected, but they believe that he is their protector.

As someone who advocates for co-existence, the deity of Waghoba resonated with me. This painting depicts the majesty of the tiger surrounded by both natural and man-made beauty. This painting represents the concept of co-existence. The tiger stares into our souls, asking us to recognize the value of his life, and his important place in this world.

24″×36″ Acrylic on Board

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