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Nathan Miller
The official online gallery of portrait and wildlife artist Nathan Miller

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Saint Petersburg Art - Portraits by Nathan Miller

Emerging from the Jungle After five years of living in a small town in Costa Rica, and after spending a few months in Tampa, my home town, I am now ready to make Saint Petersburg, Florida, my home. I’ve been interested in St. Pete ever since I first learned of the dynamic art scene that continues to grow there. And, while much of my work depicts Costa Rican wildlife, I am expecting my focus to shift to portrait painting. And, honestly, I think there is a lot of room for a portrait painter in the Tampa Bay area. I adapt […]

Portrait of a Young Woman - Art by Nathan Miller

Five Years in Costa Rica Nosara, Costa Rica, is where I began my journey as a professional artist and, after nearly five years of focusing on my art, I decided to take what I learned in the small beach town of Nosara, Costa Rica, to Tampa, Florida, in the United States. During the last couple years, even though I was living in Costa Rica, I noticed that more people from the United States were commissioning me to be a portrait painter for them. And so, it made sense to consider moving back to my birthplace to see where I could […]

Circle of Life

A Healthy Ecosystem Tropical species are so beautiful that it’s hard not to be inspired by them, particularly when seen in their natural habitat. They are emotional beings clothed in a natural tapestry of color, patterns, and designs. These species are among the most celebrated animals in Costa Rica and other parts of Latin America. We should do our part to preserve their habitat and give them all the room to live as they were intended to live – free and unfettered by human interference. I think of the circle of life as being a healthy and natural balance, where […]

Oneness Art - Paintings by Nathan Miller

A Baha’i Perspective Growing up as a member of the Baha’i Faith, I learned to appreciate the beauty in diversity, the power of cultural expression, and the common link that unites all of us. As a child and adolescent, I was extremely lucky to have had the opportunity to travel. I traveled to countries far from home often enough and for periods long enough that I began to see the entire planet as my home. I saw myself as a world citizen. My people were all people. The one thing that became foreign to me was the concept of division. […]

Black Bear Painting Cover

The Florida Black Bear Hunt Reflection, a painting depicting the Florida Black Bear and its disappearing habitat, was commissioned by Adam Sugalski, the man leading the fight against the proposed Florida Black Bear Hunt. Adam and I met through Facebook a year ago when we got the news that the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission was considering open season on a species that, for the first time in twenty years, was no longer considered endangered. Being concerned for the bears, I read as much as I could about their status in the state of Florida. I learned that there […]

Paddle Board Sunset

After three years of living in Nosara, Costa Rica, I’d like to share a selection of the photos that I have taken. I’d like to share a little bit about the world that inspires my art. As an artist, I am drawn to beauty and Nosara has plenty. There are beautiful plants and animals, along with beautiful relationships that I love to capture on camera. Many of these relationships can be seen on the beach when everyone from town gathers together to watch the sunset. Each sunset is like a masterful painting that reveals itself slowly as we sit back […]

Super Hero Surfers

Last week a group of friends from Los Angeles, California came to visit Costa Rica for a Nosara Vacation. Had I not messaged one of them, the only one I remotely knew, a week before their trip, I would not have taken a vacation in my own backyard. I would not have come to know and bond with this group of extraordinary men. But, because I wrote one of them, Justin, an actor and film maker, thanking him for work that he had done, while also mentioning that I lived in Costa Rica, I received a reply to my message […]

Art in Nosara

I was eighteen, young and unaware of what the working world would look like, but I was supposed to know exactly what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. Strangely enough, I kind of did know what I wanted to do. Since I was a kid I enjoyed painting. And up until that point I was fortunate enough to travel and spend several inspiring years in Israel where I attended the American International School. My teacher, Mrs. Benveniste, Miss B to most of us, was one of those teachers you see in the movies – the kind […]


The piercing eyes of the animal above speak to us. These eyes share with us the reality that there is more to this creature than a list of interesting facts about what it likes to eat and where it likes to sleep. These eyes reveal intellect, emotion, thoughts and feelings. This is a jaguarundi, one of the wild cats who’s home is at Las Pumas Rescue Center, a Costa Rican Wildlife Refuge. Last year I traveled to Cañas, a town over two hours from Nosara, specifically to visit Las Pumas, a Costa Rican Wildlife Refuge that has a number of […]

Surfer at Sunset

I’m not from California. And even though I grew up in Florida as a kid, I was hours away from a surfing beach, and what 13 year old has the freedom to drive a few hours away to go surfing? I was living in the outskirts of Tampa and Endless Summer 2 had just come out – a surfing movie that, like the first Endless Summer, documents the travels of two surfers that explore the world looking for the best surf spots. Had it not been for my older brother who was the embodiment of everything cool, I would not […]


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