A Glimpse into the Life of Nosara, Costa Rica

Paddle board Sunset

After three years of living in Nosara, Costa Rica, I’d like to share a selection of the photos that I have taken. I’d like to share a little bit about the world that inspires my art.

As an artist, I am drawn to beauty and Nosara has plenty. There are beautiful plants and animals, along with beautiful relationships that I love to capture on camera. Many of these relationships can be seen on the beach when everyone from town gathers together to watch the sunset. Each sunset is like a masterful painting that reveals itself slowly as we sit back and watch in amazement. Getting away from the city and connecting with nature has had a profound impact on how I see the world. If you come from the city where much of the natural habitat has disappeared and you then immerse yourself in a natural wonder like this, you more easily understand the value of living things, whether on land or below the surface of the sea. You more easily understand how much healthier you feel when you immerse yourself in the ocean water, waterfalls, and rain. You witness a natural order that is working on its own, but is, nevertheless, vulnerable to the human footprint.

These photos reveal the beauty of Nosara, Costa Rica, specifically Playa Guiones, and they reveal the beauty of a simple life, of humans, of animals, and of nature itself. I hope you enjoy this little glimpse into the life of a little town on a little rock in a massive universe.

Let’s begin…

Nosara has lots of young families…

Fathers and babies

And total cuteness,



Mother and Child

And lots of love for dogs.

The Love of Dogs

I adopted one too. Her name is Indy.

Man and Dog

This is her sleeping…

My dog sleeping

This is her exploring…

Dog in the Jungle

This is her ready for the beach…

Nosara Dog

I Found more hiding in my garage once, but I couldn’t keep them,

Stray Puppies
* But I did help them find great homes.

Because I already adopted this other guy on the left…

My two dogs
*His name is Argo.

And then there are monkeys.

Howler Monkey

They are called Howler Monkeys for a reason…

Howler Monkey Howling

Sometimes they visit me while I paint,

Howler Monkey Baby

And sometimes they just watch from the trees.

Howler Monkey

Sometimes you’ll see this guy wondering around looking for food.

*They’re called Pizotes in Costa Rica or Coatis or Coatimundis in English.

You’re bound to see hummingbirds,





Mouthless Crab
*Especially when it rains.

And many other happy, colorful critters.


Nosara is also a yoga hotspot!

Sunset Yoga

Even on horses!

Horse Yoga
Equisol Equestrian Retreats

And, of course, Nosara is a hotspot for surfing,

Nosara Surfer

And paddle boarders enjoy it too.

Paddle board Sunset

One thing we all share, though, is a love for the sunsets.

Nosara Sunset

Seriously, there are some incredible sunsets…

Nosara Sunset

And it’s a great time of day to meet folks from town.

Surfers Meeting on Beach

Children love the beach too!

Girl Flying Free

And beauty is literally everywhere…

Beauty of Nosara

Let’s keep Nosara beautiful, and, no matter where we are in the world, let’s always stand on the side of Mother Nature.

I hope you enjoyed your visit!

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